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Miss Switch (Unreleased)

Miss Switch (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: CMGE Group Limited | Size: 48.36MB | Updated:08-8
*Published by CMGE - Fantastic Games*
*Developed by Ghost Pie*
*Steam Greenlight*
Long time ago, a little girl who is a witch lives with her adorable kitty in the forest; however, one day, a monster kidnaps her kitty. For the sake of getting back her kitty, she takes a wand with her and starts the journey by herself.
It’s such a dangerous journey since there are many kinds of threatening monsters live in the forest. Although the witch is in danger, she is not willing to hurt those monsters. Thus, she escapes from the danger by switching the position with her enemies; this is her own ability and the best way to keep her safety.
Let’s start a magical journey and enter this fantastic world! Miss Switch depicts a story between a witch and her kitty; moreover, there will be more than one hundred levels which mean that the players need to think carefully before making decision as the degree of difficulty goes up step by step. We are pretty sure that you will enjoy Miss Switch and have a unique adventure when you play it.
The player only needs one finger to control the screen, pretty easy. By switching the witch’s position with the monster’s position correctly, you will pass all the levels and save the lovely kitty eventually.
--Switch & Uniqueness
The most significant thing for player is coming up a strategy to illuminate all the monsters (e.g.dragons) without getting injury so that you can move on to the next level. Once you switch the position with another character, it becomes bait which will bear the injury for you. By letting those monsters kill each other, the player can escape from the danger safely and get closer to the kitty.
--Funny & Changeable
In the game, each monster has its own trait. For example, dragons will spit the fire balls to you, evil sheep will not hurt you but stand stilly, and ghosts will disappear once you touch it. Before you fight with them, make sure you understand their traits and use the right way to defeat these hateful monsters.
--Recreational & Strategic
The map contains a lot of different scenes (e.g.forest and dessert) which give the witch more challenges in the game. The player must be cautious before switch each time because the decision may affect score in a way.
--Adventure & Exploration
Would you want to know what will happen in the journey? Or what ability does the witch have? Come, Miss Switch will give you the answer!
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Miss Switch (Unreleased)Miss Switch (Unreleased)Miss Switch (Unreleased)Miss Switch (Unreleased)Miss Switch (Unreleased)Miss Switch (Unreleased)

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