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Age of Giants: Epic Tower Defense

Age of Giants: Epic Tower Defense

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.1
Developer: Astrobot | Size: 87.8MB | Updated:09-5
It's an Adventure game, Tower Defense challenge that lies within a Magical Fantasy World.
Years ago, the kingdoms of man were put to the test in a war that lasted decades. Only with the aid of mighty Giants, powerful leader heroes with great charisma, ancient magic, cunning strategy and a rush of inspiration of great leaders was mankind & elves able to defend itself and repel the Orcs onslaught.Peace ensued, but not forever. Scouts reports that demon power is rising at the edge of our Kingdom.
Lead your army in a world of a magic battlefield with Giants with ironfist, goblins, orcs, dark sorcerer witches, wyverns, horrible creatures such as cursed behemoths, slime spiders, and even toy battle machines & Zeppelin! Armageddon Be cautious, they will fight back - they have unique Abilities that will surprise you in the Battle.
Adventure magical fantasy world where epic heroes fight along with mighty elves giants and Warlords in a war to defend the kingdom with top frustrated strategy and a rush of inspiration in the battlefield.warriors! Get your Shovel and Dig your graves were going Belo and searching for the Devil's Roots no Retreat.
Use a huge variety of powers and abilities to vanquish wave after wave of menace for over 30 levels win all and unlock secret regime. Travel through elven colossus woods, the vast valley of bones, lush snow valley, Spire sky temple and Epic Enchanted forest, as you face off against Armies of Relentless hordes, Thrower Elemental goblins, cruiser skeletons, Behemoths and more.
Call to Arms leader! Deploy rapid-fire archers, defender! Carve walls on the map with a world of Elixir magic! Fire roaring cannons, catapult & bazooka! Summon allies! The Allied Kingdoms struggle to survive. Woods Burn & explode. The common folk suffer. Devastation is happening! The Allied fortified Kingdoms have one choice: defend, defend, defend your Childhood kingdom. Are you ready? None shall pass Burn & Stab them all!
Lead an army of a MASSIVE giant monster into epic joyful strategic battles and SMASH invader orcs to the ground in the most ADDICTING & joyful strategic real-time strategy game. Build your towers from a small tower into a MIGHTY metropolis! Create POWERFUL monsters! DESTROY, smash & nuke cities & Compete for giant world domination! Mighty invaders smash Bellini orcs To protect the land of Ada.Eccentric Evil & Armageddon Revolve around the Kingdom and will exploit you.Age of Giants free games offers a variety and challenge. Overcome incredible odds with strategy and wit! Recruit legendary Giants with deadly abilities along the way to nerf evil in this standout tower defence game.
Polished game castle, Unique Features about this Age of Giants best strategy games free TD:-
- 5 unique territories to defend with action fun
- 30 levels
- Prestige system with 5 difficulties
- 7 upgradeable towers Turret.
- 3 upgradeable charismatic heroes
- 3 fully customizable Defender giants - Elves healer, Mothership, Dragon
- Epic magic battles
- Unique bosses and enemies with awesome abilities
- Facebook integration
PLEASE NOTE! This game is free to play.
Age of Giants is a base tower defense game 2017 shall rediscover this genre for you!

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Age of Giants: Epic Tower DefenseAge of Giants: Epic Tower DefenseAge of Giants: Epic Tower DefenseAge of Giants: Epic Tower DefenseAge of Giants: Epic Tower DefenseAge of Giants: Epic Tower Defense

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