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Game of Biology

Game of Biology

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Movga Games | Size: 73.55MB | Updated:12-13
Innovative team gameplay combines a mix of strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation in Game of Biology! Culture microbes and infect the world, explore unknown areas and hunt for marvelous treasures!
Strengthen your power by managing your lab, producing resources, and culturing the strongest microbes. Master dozens of microbes and use them to infect enemies on the world map. Mine resources, control epidemics, hunt for treasure-numerous exciting events are waiting for you! It is your turn to control the world. You are more powerful than you think!
●Highly polished interface with stunning retina graphics
●36 different pathogenic microbes with entirely different strategies to deploy
●Highly detailed world map to learn the history of epidemics
●Innovative gameplay of alliances and teams in strategy genre
●Establish an organization with your members to infect enemies and plunder resources
●Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system.
The game is very easy to pick up and includes a tutorial, so even players with no experience in biological strategy games can jump right in! New functions and equipment are unlocked as you level up, allowing players to learn the game at their own pace. Game of Biology evolves push mobile gaming and the biological strategy game to new levels!

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Game of BiologyGame of BiologyGame of BiologyGame of Biology

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