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Zombie Chaos - Hero Revenge

Zombie Chaos - Hero Revenge

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: o4games.com CCID LTD | Size: 59MB | Updated:12-31
Dr. T launched a biochemical virus that led to doomsday, zombie raid, the earth on the rocks! Ms. M called black widow call super heroes together ! As commander, lead super heroes to defend the last home against zombies and ringleader-Dr.T.
Zombie Chaos - Hero Revenge:is a real-time multiplayer strategy game, where you can build exclusive base to train elites , but don't forget the sacred mission- live on and then defend the homeland! Because you're not only going to be raided by zombies, but also plundered by enemies from all over the world!Are you the last winner?

------Game Features------

【Killing zombies,feeling the real fighting sense】
Various zombie demons:Hunter,variation of giant,being born with special skills and clever will raid your base and grab your resources,but don’t be afraid ,you need to train your super hero ,are you ready to feel the thrill of killing zombies.

Login to get lots of free gems,super hero!Many free rewards for any players,so definitely you can play well even if you are a non-paying user.

【Multiplayer online PVP】
Millions of players Vs each other online build as strong as iron defense, lead 100+super heroes eliminating zombies ..!

【Train heroes, endless pleasures】
Dozens of heroes and mercenaries fight together to win in the battle, Beat zombies!

【More patterns,simple and easy】
More patterns including Zombie Raid, Hero Campaign, Arena , ,Resource Raid,Solo Campaign,League War,Hero Trial ,every day is new experience.

【Exclusive avatar makes you different】
Rich avatar and avatar frame prepared for you.

【Fierce battle in league war, heart burning】
Establish or join the league and help between members to fight to the bitter end,defend against zombies and protect homeland!

【Super beast,Cool power 】
Training your super beast,bring it to fight against zombies in league war for protecting homeland.

------Contact us ------
《Zombie Chaos - Hero Revenge》Customer service mailbox:[email protected]

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Zombie Chaos - Hero RevengeZombie Chaos - Hero RevengeZombie Chaos - Hero RevengeZombie Chaos - Hero Revenge

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