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Sheriff vs Cowboys

Sheriff vs Cowboys

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 0.16
Developer: TOPEBOX | Size: 28.09MB | Updated:01-11
Load you guns, saddle your horses and get ready for the wildest cowboy adventure out there. Bandits are trying to take over your town, and you - the sheriff - gotta show them some law and order with your trusty gun.

Earn that sheriff star by gunning down all the bandits in this action packed side-scroller. Become the expert gunslinger in a matter of minutes with simple controls. Upgrade your arsenal, defeat bandit bosses and become the greatest cowboy out there.

The wild wests feature:
- Countless bandits and bosses just waiting to be wiped out by you.
- Many different types of missions to not only challenge you, but also for you to get that sweet sweet loot.
- Upgrades for your character: become the greatest sheriff by upgrading your arsenal.
- Amazing retro graphics & music to take you back to the good old days.
- Simple controls for any cowboy.
- A survival mode for the most badass cowboys out there. Gotta earn it by completing the Campaign mode.

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Sheriff vs CowboysSheriff vs CowboysSheriff vs CowboysSheriff vs CowboysSheriff vs Cowboys

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