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OrcAge: Horde Strategy - new!

OrcAge: Horde Strategy - new!

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 0.3
Developer: Spartonix | Size: 43.64MB | Updated:05-2
Brand new game!
Raise, upgrade and defend your very own horde army! Use strategy and command your army of angry orcs to attack your enemies (or friends) and battle your way to glory in the Age of Orcs!
Spartania is simple and easy to play, this game is a combination of strategy, magic and some funny jokes. It requires you plan how to barricade your defenses (don’t just build and upgrade everything you can in a random order) and plan your attacks carefully (just sending every soldier you have won’t cut it) in order to win every battle and make your Chieftain- THE CHIEFTAIN.
A funny, new kind of strategy game from Google’s Top-Developer Spartonix, extremely small weight! - less than 40MB!

Game Features:
✔ Build and upgrade your very own Orcish army
✔ Place your defences strategically and defend against other players’ attacks
✔ Watch out from the Barbarian Raiders
✔ Train your army of funny characters - Goblins, Archers, Shamans, Trolls and more
✔ Upgrade and evolve your army into an unbeatable force
✔ Battle players worldwide and take their Gold, Food and Trophies
✔ Challenge your friends to see who has the best army and who is the better Chieftain
✔ Discover your favorite attack and defence forces from countless combinations of orcs and goblins
✔ Watch replays of every battle - Watch your horde army in battle to improve your strategy
✔ See how you compare to other players worldwide in Google Achievements and Ranking
✔ Orcish themed graphics and sounds with funny characters
✔ Free action charged strategy game - You have to have strategy in your attacks!
Join the OrcAge Community and get updates, participate in competitions or just watch some funny videos of our angry orcs:

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OrcAge: Horde Strategy - new!OrcAge: Horde Strategy - new!OrcAge: Horde Strategy - new!OrcAge: Horde Strategy - new!

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