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Gods TD: Myth defense (Unreleased)

Gods TD: Myth defense (Unreleased)

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Developer: Lemix game studio | Size: 86.9MB | Updated:06-5
It was a quiet and peaceful land, where people believed in the gods of ancient times and lived in peace under the protection of the gods until the chaos demons invaded... Demons and their apostles made it rain blood throughout the land.

You, the leader of a tribe, were guided by the gods to resist the devil for the sake of the well-being of his people...

[Game Features] --------------------------------------

Lemix game studio carefully crafted, authentic, classic tower defense game.

You can plan your own line of tower defenses, making the game flexible and tactical.

Strategy! Mindgames! Interactiveness! Players all over the world are instantly matched up for a 1v1 battle.

Odin, Zeus, Jinni... The mythical figures that cover the five mythical systems, the soldiers of all civilizations, are waiting for you to convene!

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Gods TD: Myth defense (Unreleased)Gods TD: Myth defense (Unreleased)Gods TD: Myth defense (Unreleased)Gods TD: Myth defense (Unreleased)

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