Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0.15
Developer: Uken Games | Size: 28.12MB | Updated:05-5
**Awarded 'Best New Apps' in over 100 Countries**
Titans is an epic fantasy card battler. Command an army of Titans crafted from materials like diamond, fire, and dark matter. Challenge other players in our Real-Time PVP Arena and become the most powerful alchemist in the realm!
* Quest through 15 map areas and collect RARE MATERIALS
* Craft over 100 visually-stunning TITAN CARDS and build your customized army
* FUSE two different Titans to craft a more powerful fusion Titan
* Discover every Titan's unique LEADER and ACTIVE SKILL and unleash them against other alchemists
* Plan your Titan formations carefully to give you the edge in battle
* Collect TACTICS CARDS to change the flow of battle in our Real-Time PVP ARENA
* Featuring an immersive soundtrack produced by Maggie McLean
Your kingdom has been conquered by the armies of a war-hungry nation, but as a Master Alchemist of the highest order, you have the power to stop them. Your weapon is the Titan: an enormous, living creature formed from inanimate materials. With your knowledge of the material world, only you can create an army of Titans and lead them in battle against your enemies. But will you be able to defeat them before they discover the secrets of the Titans for themselves?

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