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Storm Fortress : Castle War

Storm Fortress : Castle War

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0.1
Developer: MINI PLAY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED | Size: 61MB | Updated:05-11
Raise your kingdom, Armed with your castle, challenges the authority of God In medieval castle warfare.
Being the medieval lord, in order to protect your homeland, you have to survive with your unbeatable castle, advanced artillery, trust heroes, to defeat the traitor in the Kingdom, resist the aggression from the Vikings, and raise the expedition in North Africa to break the curse from the Pharaohs King. Storm Fortress: Castle War is produced by MINIPLAY Technology, introduces features in typical castle building and Real-Time Strategy elements.
[Game Features]
1. Customized Castle with barracks, bonus rooms and defense constructions, Infinite number of possibilities and endless potential for your own castle;
2. 2D physics destruction with gravity sensing system, brings actual combat experience;
3.All kinds of different efficacies of cannons involves in the castle fighting;
4.Heroes from medieval age and the myths story, stand alone with Sparta, Paladin to fight with Zeus in heaven, Anubis from underworld, rules your own destiny;
5. Upgradeable cannon, bonus room, soldiers, evolvable heroes, develop the strongest fighting capacity through different fight combination;
6. Social elements introduced, players could synchronize through Facebook accounts on different mobile operation platforms and devices, fight with lords around the world;
7. Original music from Top level Asia music studio GAMEMUSIC;
8. Worldwide distributed server architecture guarantee best user experience.
Three campaigns spanning 27 battles and the beginner guidance has been integrated.
1. Sunset Forest - The rise of Lord (9 battles)
2. Forbidden land - The Viking's brutality (9 battles)
3. Desert of relics - The Pharaoh's Curse (9 battles)
STORM FORTRESS: CASTLE WAR realize download for free, players can get the gems through the continuous sign in, achievement accumulation, star awards from each campaign, however to better maintain hegemony of the Lord, better accumulate advantage compared with other players some in-game items, i.e gems, gold, power will require payment and can be purchased as in-app purchases.
Storm Fortress Online Activities
★ Double Gems would be rewarded for the 1st purchase;
★ To celebrate Lord Rush on line, ultra amazing gift would be rewarded with any amount of gems purchase for the first time from now on: Gold x 50000, Food x 50000, Wolfman x 1;
★ Landing Award: get prize for consecutive landing per day
★ Ten times reward: Accumulated 300GEMS top up would be rewarded 3000GEMS during promotion period.

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Storm Fortress : Castle War
Storm Fortress : Castle War
Storm Fortress : Castle War
Storm Fortress : Castle WarStorm Fortress : Castle War

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