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Clones Crusade

Clones Crusade

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.15.0512.2092
Developer: Unikum | Size: 19.64MB | Updated:05-17
Clones' Crusade is an innovative turn-based strategy game. Explore locations and outwit enemy agents; collect vital clues and rescue war heroes whose identity has been stolen by their exact lookalikes - the clones. By recovering fragments of their memories, you will be able to free the heroes from the enemy's clutches and recruit them in your crusade against the nefarious clones.
The path to victory is fringed with death and destruction, so get your guns locked and loaded, and prepare to wreak some serious mayhem!
- Play with thousands of other players
- Explore cities infested by clones
- Recruit characters and manage them in tactical battles
- Progress along the multiple-tier weapons and skills system
- Battle an army of clones and disrupt their evil plans to conquer the world ...
- ... or just fight like hell for the sheer fun of it!

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Clones CrusadeClones CrusadeClones CrusadeClones Crusade

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