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Space Bounties Inc.

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Dancing Cat Development | Size: 29.8MB | Updated:06-18
4/5 "This strategy game implements a risk vs. reward system that's pretty compelling" - 148apps.com
4/5 "Satisfying futuristic RPG combat, high replay value, and a heavy dose of nostalgia make Space Bounties Inc. a worthwhile experience." - SuperGameDroid.com
9/10 "From the retro graphics to the pitch-perfect soundtrack, Space Bounties Inc. fires on all cylinders and is game that’s well worth your time." - SlimGamer.com
Top 5 Best New Android Strategy Games of March 2015 "Space Bounties Inc. is a great mobile strategy game that combines retro 8-bit graphics with tight gameplay." - Heavy.com
Star civilizations being destroyed by space warlords?
Intergalactic trade routes being disrupted by space pirates?
Planets being vaporized by gigantic lasers?
Then get in contact with Space Bounties!
At Space Bounties we will hunt down any wanted fugitives in the Universe for a very reasonable price. No bounty mission is too small and no bounty mission is too dangerous!
Space Bounties Inc. is a strategy game where you recruit bounty hunters to capture or terminate dangerous fugitives.
• Procedurally generated content so each new game is unique.
• Bounty hunters and fugitives are created on each new game with different health, attributes, weapons and abilities.
• 132 unique characters including aliens, cyborgs, mutants and androids.
• Recruit from 25 bounty hunters.
• Hunt down fugitives ranging in 5 difficulty levels.
• Procedurally generated space locations including planet surfaces.
• Buy and sell equipment at the base.
• Loot minerals, money and alien relics (give bounty hunters special skills) on bounty missions.
• Upgradable character attributes, weapons, armor and equipment.
• Fast, advanced and flexible turn-based combat system.
• Three game difficulty levels.
• Save (automatic) and continue later at any point in the game (even during battles).
• Starting tutorial and in-game help through all sections.
This game has no adverts or IAP (in-app purchases).
Android immersive mode supported for android version 4.4 onwards.
Phone and tablet devices both supported.
Full SD support (install to SD).
** Permissions explained : USB files **
This permission allows the game to save and load game data files on USB storage.
Send any feedback to -
Email : [email protected]
Previous updates :
* Fixed a rare game progression bug.
* Fixed a bug on small and large screen resolutions when using drag & drop to transfer equipment between bounty hunters.
* Added five additional Alien relics (three rings and two crowns) that can be looted from bounty missions. Alien relics give bounty hunters special skills.
* Fixed a typo.
* Bounty hunters can now use a turn to change level grid position. Each grid position has tactical advantages and disadvantages.
* The heavy projectile weapon flamethrower now has a chance to add gas effect to enemies.
* Increased character melee attack movement speed.
* Fixed a bug where high difficulty enemies could sometimes use the defense mode action more then twice in a row.
* Added additional weapon information to the base help screens.
* Fixed a few typos.
* Fixed a bug with the health bars displaying during attacks.
* Updated bounty hunters to face the relevant direction when passing equipment.
* Updated brutal difficulty so tier one associate enemies do not use grenades.
* Bounty hunters can now pass equipment to one another during combat.
* Character health bars now flash if red.
* Fixed a bug with the Berserker mode interface.
* Added 'Berserker' mode action to combat.
* Added a new sound effect when using defense mode action.
* Fixed a bug with a bounty hunter ability against grenades.

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