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Lascaux: The Journey

Lascaux: The Journey

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0.8
Developer: Fat Pony Games LLC | Size: 45.9MB | Updated:06-27
20,000 years ago a small tribe is fleeing the the great ice flows covering their lands. In search of a new home, they find a sheltered river valley that will offer protection to humans and animals alike.
Lead your tribe through the trial of finding shelter and enough food to survive the cold winters. Hunt herds of reindeer, giant elk, mammoth and more! Search for precious flint deposits so your tribe can make tools critical to their survival.
Watch out for cave bears!
Enjoy those bilberries while they are fresh!

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Lascaux: The JourneyLascaux: The JourneyLascaux: The Journey

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