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AERENA - Clash of Champions HD

AERENA - Clash of Champions HD

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 2.12.16882
Developer: Cliffhanger Productions Games GmbH | Size: 14.18MB | Updated:07-1
November Update:
New Champion: Albert Einstein has joined The Games! His basic attack adds +1 to ship aether and his super and ulti attack can transfer Aether from the enemy ship onto your own
Balancing: The user who starts second in a match, starts with +2 Ship Aether
HAMMER and Sharina got new skins
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Assemble your team of Champions and face-off against your opponents high above the clouds in the game that redefines turn-based tactical combat. Set in an unique Ætherpunk world in which powerful masters and their champions fight it out for control of valuable Æther, Aerena offers gamers a deep and variable strategic experience, packed into 10 minute play sessions. Plan your strategy, build your team, equip powerful Æther shells and outwit real-world foes to dominate the battlefield and become an Æther Master.
Deep tactical action
Aerena combines deeply strategic turn-based gameplay, character collecting and team building into a truly unique experience that’s built for gamers. Battle it out across an ever-changing range of arenas to destroy your enemies, knock their airships out of the sky and become a true Æther Master
High-end 3D steampunk graphics
Aerena’s powerful game engine has been especially optimized for mobile. Zoom in and out of the board and savour the incredibly detailed combat animations.
Battle against thousands
Plan your strategy and prove your skills against thousands of real-world online opponents. Join the League and climb up the tiers to win great prizes.
Build your team of Champions
Creating the right team determines victory or defeat on the battlefield. Champions each have their own way of attacking and moving on the grid as well as truly unique abilities and special powers to make sure no battle is ever the same.
Huge range of challenges
Earn in-game money and experience every day by taking on new challenges for endless replayability.
Bite-sized gameplay
Designed to be played anytime, anywhere Aerena lets you jump into a match for a quick 10 minute tactical gameplay fix at home or on the go.
Earn huge rewards to turn the tide of battle
Dominate your opponents to earn valuable experience and level up. Use cash you’ve earned to turn the battle in your favor with new hero cards, battleships and game-changing packs of Aether shells.
Experience multiple arenas
Adjust your strategy, defense tactics and your team to suit the arena that you’re playing on. Strategically placed tiles with special powers will help or hinder your progress.

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AERENA - Clash of Champions HDAERENA - Clash of Champions HDAERENA - Clash of Champions HDAERENA - Clash of Champions HD

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