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Moon Tower Attack

Moon Tower Attack

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: GameTorque | Size: 19.01MB | Updated:09-17
Moon Tower Attack is a 2.5D strategic tower defense game set on the moon. Defend your base by making expert use of a number of different weapons and towers. Watch out! Enemies can come from literally anywhere and can take random paths as they rush toward your base. Earn coins to buy resources and gain experience points to upgrade your towers. Each wave gets progressively harder as enemies get smarter. The future of the moon base is in your hands!
* 20 levels for epic tower defense gameplay
* Huge variety of weapons -- including lightning gun, flamethrower, and bunker
* Each level features 3 additional difficulty modes
* Randomly-generated tower/base positions that reset at level start
* Detailed 2.5D graphics
* 8 languages supported including French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and German.

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Moon Tower AttackMoon Tower AttackMoon Tower AttackMoon Tower AttackMoon Tower Attack

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