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Airforce Strike

Airforce Strike

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.1.0
Developer: TRADEGAME Lab Inc. | Size: 20.6MB | Updated:11-10
Are you ready to be a commander who can build our base stronger than any others?
Commander, we must create a strong airbase to demolish the base of our enemy who look down upon us! From small bombers to stealth bombers, we have a large variety of models you can choose from. We are waiting for the attack plan. If we kidnap the enemy's doctors, we can develop the newest technology to take victory.
[Game Features]
1. An exciting PVP mode and a campaign of 50 levels.
Directly control 14 different bomber models to bomb your opponent's control center.
2. Stealing the enemy's resources is the key to development.
By raiding your enemy's bases, we can grow strong quickly.
3. Defend your base from bombers with a variety of defense facilities
The best defense is offense; if necessary, use your powerful ICBM to wipe out your enemy's control center!
4. The key to victory is the latest technology
With the help of doctors, you can develop the newest technology.
5. Form alliances with others who share the same goal as you.
Prepare for large scale battles between alliances.
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Airforce StrikeAirforce StrikeAirforce StrikeAirforce StrikeAirforce Strike

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