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Cornered by zombies

Cornered by zombies

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.1.7
Developer: Screaming Goat Studio | Size: 46.83 | Updated:11-13
Zombie on your left! Zombie on your right! Zombie over! Zombie under! HELP!!!
You're stuck in the middle of a zombie invasion and all you can do is fight for your life until the end. Be careful, each move and each attack counts! How long will you survive against the horde of zombies?
Cornered by zombies is a game of strategy and chance. You need to survive as long as possible against the zombies with what you'll find on your path. Each turn, you can try to flea or defend yourself but avoid to be cornered by zombies... Your life depends on it!
3 Game environments
6 Unique survivors
9 Terrifying zombies
3 Items to help yourself
3 weapons to defend yourself
3 Special items of maximum destuction

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Cornered by zombiesCornered by zombiesCornered by zombiesCornered by zombies

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