Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 2.0.45
Developer: Making Fun, Inc. | Size: 91.81MB | Updated:12-3
This is the official, authorized version of Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino. Dominion is the original deck-building card game that has won numerous awards and spawned an entire genre. Build up a powerful kingdom of knights, nobles and witches to conquer duchies and provinces. Play online against 1-5 other real players, or play against AI bots in campaign or practice games.
The free download includes access to the entire base set of Dominion for solo and multiplayer matches, as well as a tutorial and three Campaign collections leveraging cards mostly from the base set, a $44.95+ value.
Players may optionally make in-app purchases of some or all of the official Dominion expansions to access additional cards and Campaigns: Intrigue, Seaside, Alchemy, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands, Dark Ages and Guilds.

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