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WT, English Wikipedia Offline1

WT, English Wikipedia Offline1

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Developer: TYO Lab | Size: 10.55MB | Updated:02-21
"English Wikipedia Offline (the full version)" is your must-have offline encyclopedia App for daily referencing; it is a treasure trove that can sit right in your hand.
The App contains a huge amount of English Wikipedia articles for your offline viewing and knowledge discovery without requiring connecting to the Internet.
In any case, with the availability of network, or not; no mater what the quality of the network is, good or bad; whether you are on the road, on the way to work, studying in the library, or resting in the cafe, in an exam(?), arguing with your friend(s), or in a place without too much resources, even in the time of crisis when you need it the most, it can provide all the information you need, answer your question(s), solve the puzzle(s), settle the argument(s). Whenever you need it, it will be there to to help you out.
Nevertheless, the App can be easily switched to an online mode or a cross language search mode when you need to check the latest Wikipedia articles in a language of your choice.
To make your knowledge quest easy, this application is embedded with a super-powerful full-text search engine. Simply with the keyword(s) you typing-in, search results could be returned to you instantly.
Most importantly, being offline and having the ability of searching article locally mean your privacy is safe with yourself. You can simply say no to all the online tracking and spying on what you search.
Please note all the articles were taken from a snapshot of Wikipedia in year 2014, and we are planning to make it possible to keep all the offline articles up to date but this requires lots of work, so please consider buying an extension part of this App to support the development.
Many thanks.
The Dev

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WT, English Wikipedia Offline1WT, English Wikipedia Offline1

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