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Category: Books | Version: 1.35
Developer: tinenwei | Size: 8.85MB | Updated:10-8
(There is no dictionary in EBDic. It is just a viewer)
* The viewer application supports EPWING, StarDict and MDict dictionary format.
* The support of notebooks. Notebooks allow you to add/delete/tag a word.
* The notebook uses pages to show your words and use a db file as a notebook. (you can classify your words into different db files)
* The support of web service. Web service let your device become a server.
You can use a browser to do searching on your android device via wifi.
* TTS(text-to-speech) support.
* Export words of the notebook to AnkiDroid. (for version >= AnkiDroid2.5)
Stardict/MDict format dictionaries support glob-style pattern matching in any search method:
- "*" is a wildcard standing for "any string of characters".
- "?" stands for one character.
- For StarDict, use the leading "/" or add "/" to the end of word in order to use fuzzy search.
- The path of phonetic symbol font file is "[sdcard path]/ebdic/fonts". After putting fonts, restart app. The path can be changed in settings.
- The path for MDict audio db file (.mdd) is "[sdcard path]/ebdic/audio". After putting files, restart app. These files is used to play voices (long press list items).The path can be changed in settings.
Full Search:
- Full Search supports logical operators: & (AND), " (OR)
example: "full & search" or "full " search"
- In search methods dialog,long press some search method button to do seaching temporarily in the pecified method. (Full search will show the groups dialog)
Dictionaries groups:
- Long press the methods button in main screen to show "Dictionaries groups" dialog.
- In the menu of dictionaries order screen, select "Select a group" and long press list item to delete the group.
Search idiom or phrase:
In 'begin' method for mdict and stardict,
if input contains ' '(space), then replace ' ' to ' *' and append '*'.
ex: 'set store' => 'set *store*' (to use original begin method: 'set store*')
Content search:
- If input contains '@' or '#' (keyword@content_keyword or content_keyword#keyword),
then use exact method to search by 'keyword' and the item will match if the content contains 'content_keyword'.
- content_keyword may contain * (wildcard).
- Use 'gesture setting'-> 'Next emphasized word' to scroll to the matched 'content_keyword'.
ex:send@flying , flying#send, moon@over*moon and over*moon#moon.
1. Use left/right swipe or press left/right arrow on the multiple Lists to show the list of the previous/next dictionary.
2. Long press search button to show recent words
3. Long press list items in notebook mode to play the voice of the word.
4. Long press on search results to select text and click search button to search selected word (or click selected text).
6. Double-tap search results to show soft keyboard
7. In search mode, double-tap the candidate list to show dialog for showing search results of one dictionary.
The features of version 1.33:
1. Toolbar Customization:
Use "User Interface settings" in the main menu.
The features of version 1.26:
1. Search idiom or phrase
2. Content search
The features of version 1.24, 1.25:
1. Full Search
2. Dictionaries groups:
3. Multi Search and Image Menu for epwing format.
4. Click to Search
The features of version 1.23:
1. Add support for MDict data format.(.mdx .mdd).
2. Add "English word stems search" in more settings.
The features of version 1.22:
1. Content gesture(Single tap,double tap and long press)
2. Remote device
The features of version 1.17:
1. Support the StarDict dictionary format.
2. Long press on the list item to use TTS (text-to-speech).
(Double tapping on the list item to show checkboxes in notebook mode)
The features of version 1.15:
1. Long press on the list item for pronunciation sound of NHK dictionary if there is.
(Double tapping on the list item to show checkboxes in notebook mode)

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