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Refresh for XKCD

Refresh for XKCD

Category: Books | Version: 1.6.1
Developer: Jordan DeBarth | Size: 2.02MB | Updated:08-4
Refresh for XKCD is the newest way to browse XKCD comics on your Android device.
Based off of Material Design, Refresh combines a beautiful user interface with a feature-rich browsing experience to give you the best XKCD browser available. Bringing a great user interface and tons of features, Refresh for XKCD is your best bet for browsing everyone's favorite webcomic on Android.
- Material Design
- Dedicated pages: Simply touch a comic in the main page to view a full page dedicated to the comic, filled
with important information and actions
- Searching: Search for comics by their title, or comic number.
- Downloading: Refresh will prompt you to download all comics to save load times, network usage, and increase functionality (Note: Around 15MB must be free for the download to complete)
- Shuffle: Discover new XKCD comics at the touch of a button
- Explanations: Don't understand a comic? Each comic has an explanation, provided by, available on its own page.
- Panning & Zooming: When inside of a comic's page, simply tap the comic image, and you can zoom in and pan the comic to view smaller text and content.
- Favorites: See a comic you like? Add it to your favorites at the touch of a button, and the comic will be available at any time from the favorites page. (Swipe in from the left side of the screen on the main page to access the favorites page)
- Sharing: Text your favorite comics to your friends, or post them to your favorite social networks.
- Easy navigation: Refresh for XKCD offers easy navigation between comics
If you have any feature requests or bug reports, contact me on Twitter (@jordandebarth) or Reddit (/u/nonextstop), and I'll try my best to help you out. Thanks!
XKCD comics are provided through under a Creatives Commons License.
All icons used in this application are provided courtesy of
Comic explanations are provided by are not official, nor are they necessarily the intended opinion of the comic as per the author.

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Refresh for XKCDRefresh for XKCDRefresh for XKCDRefresh for XKCDRefresh for XKCD

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