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Category: Books | Version: 1.4.0
Developer: Smile Pro | Size: 10.18MB | Updated:02-15
Open all documents, to manage all of your documents, edit all documents, links to all of the documents, which are X Documents mission, X Documents determined to build your phone the most effective file management assistant.
txt, umd, epub, mobi, zip, rar and other formats, which are the most common document formats, but the hardest to be perfect, X Documents are not afraid of difficulties and are willing to contribute their strength for the perfect experience.
txt format, the most simple form, X Documents have invested more energy than any other software, and thinking, in dealing with similar software txt, the layout irregular, often intelligent demolition Chapter errors, even when garbled situation happen very affect the user experience, by contrast, X Documents do not ignore these details, exquisite typography, colorful skin, beautiful fonts, unique flip effects, perfect intelligence demolition chapters, one piece Trivia converging to a near perfect reading experience txt, txt document reader became the first to make a happy thing.
Basic functions:
A perfect supporting documentation txt, umd, epub, mobi, zip, rar format, such as reading.
2, automatic scanning + manual scan, simple operation.
3, wireless transmission book: No data cable, open wifi, easily transfer files.
4, automatic chapter: X Documents disorderly document will automatically structured, read together more smoothly.
Intimate functions:
One, day / night mode as you cut, always protect your eyes.
2, a variety of reading Xpress skin tone, protect your reading mood.
3, read the font size of any change, to ensure that users of different ages, with the same high-quality reading experience.
4, reading progress casual tone, the ugly part of the direct skip it.
5, line spacing, paragraph spacing arbitrarily changed, personalized reading in fact very close to you.
Advanced features:
1, offers a variety of reading fonts, users can set their favorite personalized font as the default font for the document.
2, six kinds of flip effects: about flip, slide page, simulation flip, sliding folding, folding cover, let you fall in love with the feeling of a finger.
Official QQ group: 177 535 502
E-mail: [email protected]

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