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Financius - Expense Manager

Financius - Expense Manager

Category: Business & Finance | Version: 0.17.1
Developer: Mantas Varnagiris | Size: 3.95MB | Updated:01-7
Financius is a simple application that helps you log and track your expenses and keep an eye on your balance.
* Overview screen provides most relevant information at a glance.
* Multiple money accounts.
* Multiple currencies.
* Add expense, income, and transfers between accounts.
* Customize your categories.
* Add tags to your transactions.
* Change periods for reports.
* Backup your data to your device or Google DriveTM.
* Material design.
* Ad free.
Please note that it's only me working on this app and I can only do it after work. I know everyone wants all the features right now, but I'm trying my best with the limited time I have. I hope you enjoy it.
This project is open source
Community Here you can also join beta channel to receive faster updates.

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Financius - Expense ManagerFinancius - Expense ManagerFinancius - Expense ManagerFinancius - Expense Manager

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