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Booyah - Group Video Chats

Booyah - Group Video Chats

Category: Communication | Version: 1.7.1
Developer: Rounds Entertainment Ltd. | Size: 7.14MB | Updated:08-3
Booyah is a‭ ​*‬super‭*​ ‬fast way for video calling your friends and groups‭. ‬
No registration‭, ‬no login‭, ‬no problems‭ - ‬just one tap to add friends and you're good to go‭. ‬
It's 100%‭ ‬free‭, ‬totally private and secure and incredibly easy and fun to use‭. ‬
To video call and chat with your friends just install the app and open it and from here you can create instant live parties with your friends and groups with the tap of a button. Tap on "Add Friends to This Chat" button and select from where you want to invite friends. We currently support sharing your link to WhatsApp, as well as your default messages app, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and also Line. But we'll be adding more messaging apps soon.
With Booyah (not booya or boya), you can videochat with up-to 12 people at the same time and the screen will change and fit itself accordingly based on the number of people currently in the chat. You can also do 1 on 1 voice calls by closing your device while you chat. It's fun, free, easy, secure and totally rad.
For any questions or comments‭, ‬email us at [email protected]

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Booyah - Group Video ChatsBooyah - Group Video ChatsBooyah - Group Video ChatsBooyah - Group Video Chats

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