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Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)

Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)

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Developer: Luke Klinker | Size: 3.73MB | Updated:09-22
Fully featured text messaging with tons of customization! You get all of the messaging features that you've come to know and love such as:
- Texting, through your personal phone number, on your tablet, Android TV, the web, or our Google Chrome app/extension!
- Easy group messaging
- Night and black theme
- Conversation archiving
- Share photos, videos, audio, location, and contact vCards
- Attach GIFs from Giphy
- Customize conversation colors
- Blacklist phone numbers
- Scheduled messages
- Search messages and conversations
- Quick reply
- Snooze notifications
- Automatic message backup and restore
- and much more!
Platform Support:
- Android Phone: the basics, everything you you expect from your messaging apps plus more.
- Android Tablet: same as the phone app! Anything you could ever want to send, instant, smooth, and seem-less.
- Web: send SMS/MMS to any of your contacts and conversations, from ANY device connected to the internet!
- Chrome App/Extension: Even better than the web interface. Notifications, instant updates, awesome layouts. Everything you need for desktop messaging!
- Android Wear: enhanced notifications. Reply by voice, choose from canned responses, and view the previous messages in the conversation!
- Android TV: view your messages on your TV! Pictures, media, and more, all on the big screen!
- iPad: We don't have a native iPad app at this time, but the web app has all the functionality that you will need!
We use strong, end-to-end encryption techniques to keep all of your data safe from everyone but you (not even I get access to it!) so that you have peace of mind that your conversations are yours and yours alone.
To text from the web, hit up and sign in with your account details.
We also have a Chrome app that allows you to text from Google Chrome:
Please remember that the project is in beta, there may be bugs, but we have tested it pretty thoroughly :)
Feel free to reach out with any questions to [email protected]
To contribute to the beta testing, please visit our Google+ community:

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Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)Messenger (Text Messaging) (Unreleased)

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