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AZ Browser. Private & Download

AZ Browser. Private & Download

Category: Communication | Version: 1.3.2
Developer: AZ Browser Team | Size: 5.24MB | Updated:12-13
AZ Browser is a private browser to surf web, download and stream videos on Android. It is integrated with many advanced features such as an unique floating video player, fast downloader, smart ad-blocker and many more.
AZ Browser is a specially optimised for video websites. For some reasons, many popular video websites don't have an Android app. AZ Browser lets you surf those websites pleasurably by playing videos in a popup floating window. As a result, you can continue to browse websites and watch videos at the same time. In addition, video loading speed is very quick comparing to other browsers.
Another important feature of AZ Browser is a fast built-in downloader. AZ Downloader supports multiple downloads, auto-link-detection, pause/resume, broken point download as well as supports large file size downloading. All file types are supported, including videos, images, documents, web pages and many more.
One of the reasons that make AZ Browser light and smooth is the effective ad-blocker. Since no one wants to watch intrusive, annoying ads, AZ Browser lets you focus on your desired content by filtering out the unwanted ads. It means more bandwidth saved, safer browsing and overall better experience.
To protect your privacy and due to the nature of many video websites, AZ Browser is made as a default private incognito browser. No browsing or search history, no web cache, cookies, user name or password is saved. Only your download files remain after the app is exited. You can also setup locker to protect bookmarks and download folder.
Main features
- Floating video player
- Fast built-in downloader
- Stream videos 40% faster
- Block unwanted ads
- Private browsing
- Multiple videos selection
- Smart fullscreen
- Multi-tabs support
- Search engine preferences
- Locker
- Bookmark manager
If you have any question/feedback or you find a website that needs better support, please send us an email to [email protected]

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AZ Browser. Private & DownloadAZ Browser. Private & DownloadAZ Browser. Private & DownloadAZ Browser. Private & DownloadAZ Browser. Private & DownloadAZ Browser. Private & Download

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