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Category: Communication | Version: 1.0.01
Developer: HyperByte | Size: 8.56MB | Updated:03-6
Converbration creates smart vibrations to let you instantly know the emotion, context, length, and importance of each message you receive without having to look at your phone. Now you'll know if a message needs to be read right away or if it can wait until later. You'll know if a message can be read in public, or if it's private. It can also automatically ignore annoying messages for you. No more taking your phone out to see "lol" or a message that is only fixing a typo.
How it works
First: A primary pattern is created based on how long and "loud" a message would be if it was spoken.
Next: A secondary pattern is created using powerful AI that understands emotion and context to let you know the type of message you are receiving. (E.g. a heartbeat if it is happy)
These two patterns combine into a simple and intuitive set of vibrations that let you instinctively know the type of message you are being sent.
Simple Setup: Ready to use in seconds. No signup/registration required!
Intuitive: Easily distinguish between short, medium, long, boring, or exciting messages.
Intelligent: Converbration lets you know if a message is: positive or negative, urgent, a question, NSFW, or business related.
Ignore annoying messages: Automatically ignore annoying messages such as "k" or "lol" and messages that are just fixing typos. Plus you can use its powerful context awareness to ignore almost any kind of message that you want.
Smart Sleep Mode: If you're tired of being woken up by unimportant messages in the middle of the night then you can use Converbration's "Sleep Mode". It allows you to ignore all messages, unless they are urgent.
Personal: You can customize powerful word filters to detect or ignore almost anything you can imagine.
Universal: Converbration works seamlessly with SMS (text messages) and most major instant messaging apps. It also works in 17 languages at the same time. Use it on your phone and/or your smart watch.
Safe and Efficient: Converbration is powered by a custom designed AI algorithm that is locally processed on your phone. This means that the messages you receive never leave your phone which keeps them safe and saves your battery life and data usage.
Less time staring at your phone, more time living in the future!
(Converbration = Conversation + Vibration)

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