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Serverauditor - ssh client

Serverauditor - ssh client

Category: Communication | Version: 1.7.12
Developer: Crystalnix Limited | Size: 12.84MB | Updated:05-21
Serverauditor is the most innovative SSH client ever designed for a mobile device. With Serverauditor you can easily manage UNIX/Linux servers from your Android device on the go.
✔ Anthony Cartmell - "Best SSH client for Android An excellent app, which provides a powerful SSH terminal with many useful features for server administration from a mobile device."
✔ Tom Laigna - "Good Best ssh client I've found. Easy to manage connections, easy to run simple commands."
· No ads or banners
· Universal - made natively for all popular mobile platforms
· XTerm, VT100 and vanilla terminal types support
· SSH key and password authentication
· PuTTY keys support
· Built-in RSA/DSA key generator
· Key import via SD card, File Manager Email
· Multiple SSH connections to the same host
· Local, Remote and Dynamic(SOCKS) port forwarding with built-in how-to
· Bluetooth keyboard support
· PIN code data protection
· Associate volume button or shaking gesture with actions, e.g Ctrl-Z or session closing
· 8 awesome color schemes and adjustable font size
· Landscape and portrait orientations support
· Built-in support. Feel free to ask a question if you stuck with something
· Adapted design for tablets with preview of active SSH terminal windows
· Automatic UNIX/Linux OS recognition, e.g Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Mac OS X etc
· Traffic compression
· Background mode and Android notification bar integration
· Single tap to switch between Edit/Preview modes
· Toggle Preview mode to scroll through session log
· One finger swipes to simulate arrow keys
· Two finger swipes to simulate Page Up/Down and Home/End
· Double tap to simulate Tab
· Long press for Copy/Paste
· Pinch gestures to increase/decrease font size
· Customisable keyboard extension with arrow keys, Ctrl and Alt, and many other useful keys.
· Double tap on Ctrl or Alt makes them pushed.
· Secure client-side encrypted(AES-256) data synchronization across all your devices: Android, iOS and Google Chrome
· SFTP client and shell integrated SFTP widget. Classic double panel file manager that supports local and remote filesystems
· Tabs for fast switch between active SSH terminal windows. The best with external keyboard
· Export of ~/.ssh/config from desktop using Serverauditor command line tool
· Home Screen Widget for rapid access to hosts and active SSH connections
· Pattern lock
· SSH Agent Forwarding. SSH keys export to intermediate servers
· All new features that will be available as part of the premium subscription
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Serverauditor is based on JSsh library
Developed by Crystalnix -

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Serverauditor - ssh clientServerauditor - ssh clientServerauditor - ssh clientServerauditor - ssh clientServerauditor - ssh clientServerauditor - ssh clientServerauditor - ssh client

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