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Text Faces

Text Faces

Category: Communication | Version: 1.4
Developer: guangzhuiyuan | Size: 2.84MB | Updated:09-3
Text Faces is a smart app that help you to fast input over 3000 text faces, text emoticons, text emoji, ascii emoticons and kaomoji (japanese emoticons or kawaii emoticons) conveniently everywhere including Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp and other chat & social apps etc.
Communicate with text faces and emoticons such as (^_^), (>_<), (ಥ_ಥ)! Text faces and emoticons speak 1000 times louder than words, making chat vivid and funny!
Major Features
► Various Text Faces & Emoticons
- Emotions include happy, angry, sad, excited, shy, surprised, confused, etc.
- Actions include winking, sleeping, kissing, shooting, punching, hugging, etc.
- Animals include cats, pigs, bears, birds, dogs, fish, rabbits, monkey, etc.
- Funny example:
(¦-)[▓▓] for sleeping
( -_-)︻デ═一 for shooting
( -_-)ノ⌒●~* for throwing bombs.
► Fast Choose & Input
- There is a floating icon for you to quickly choose and input text faces & emoticons within your chat and social apps.
- You can control the floating icon to appear in whatever apps you want, so it will not bother you.
► DIY Conveniently
- You can make your own one conveniently to show your creativity.
- Abundant symbols of mouths, eyes, cheeks, bodies and hands are provided.
► Other Features
- Text faces you like can be collected to the "Favorite" page.
- Text faces used recently show in the "Recent" page so that you can find them quickly.
Support & Feedback: [email protected]

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Text FacesText FacesText FacesText FacesText FacesText Faces

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