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Say Caller Name +

Say Caller Name +

Category: Communication | Version: 4.0
Developer: Attila.Varga | Size: 3MB | Updated:03-6
Say Caller Name + advises you, who tries to get in touch with you, so that you not even take a look on your smartphone. Due to numerious possibilities you can customize the app in a wide range.
* Speak name of the caller
* Speak sender and content of a SMS (Hangouts-SMS too)
* Speak sender and subject of a Google Mail
* Speak event description
* Speak sender of a Hangouts
* Speak sender of a WhatsApp message
* Speak sender of a GMX Mail
* Speak sender of a Web.DE Mail
* Speak sender of a Kaiten Mail
* Speak sender of a K9 Mail
* Speak sender of a Threema message
* Speak name of a LINE caller
* Beautiful and simple design
* Language support for English and German
* Quiet times to stop announcement in specific time ranges
* Possibility to define custom announcements for contacts (excludes Thrid-Parties)
* Bluetooth support; this function may not work with all Bluetooth devices
* Quick access widget
* and much more
Important Notes
* It is highly recommended to use the Google Text To Speech Engine.
* Other Applications that uses the system's text to speech engine can make trouble within the app.
READ_CONTACTS → need to define custom messages for contacts
READ_PHONE_STATE → need to detect calls
RECEIVE_SMS → need to detect sms
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS → need to enabled Bluetooth feature
BLUETOOTH → need to enabled Bluetooth feature
BROADCAST_STICKY → need to enabled Bluetooth feature
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED → need to autostart
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE → need to check license
CHECK_LICENSE → need to check license

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Say Caller Name +Say Caller Name +Say Caller Name +Say Caller Name +Say Caller Name +

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