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Flash Ring Call/SMS/Alert

Flash Ring Call/SMS/Alert

Category: Communication | Version: 4.0.2
Developer: HOLIESTEP | Size: 3.80MB | Updated:03-10
【Flash Ring】 is a lightweight APP, the most important is free, you can let your phone flash is emitted when someone calls, even in the dark can easily find your phone, you can receive an SMS message a flash to remind you receive an SMS, Hello! calls flash contains the following features:
● Normal mode enabled flash
● Vibrate mode is enabled flash
● Silent mode is enabled when the flash
● Android Wear feature "Find my phone"
● More than 50 kinds of flash patterns
● Receive an SMS enabled flash
● Custom flash frequency
● Flash on Notification (Gmail WeChat Facebook)
● You must turn on [Accessibility ] service
● Custom Remaining battery work or not
Some Samsuang devices (S2 S3 S4 S5 Note Note2 Note3 Note4), Phone will play a sound when you turn the page, the solution is as follows :
Settings→Applications manager→ALL→
1.Google Text-to -speech Engine
2.Samsung TTS
Force stop & Disable
Disable it does not affect phone use
Simple and approachable!!
P.S:Only for android 3.0 or later version!!!
If【Flash Ring】is good to use, please do not be stingy with your rating ! !
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Flash Ring Call/SMS/AlertFlash Ring Call/SMS/AlertFlash Ring Call/SMS/AlertFlash Ring Call/SMS/AlertFlash Ring Call/SMS/Alert

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