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Aha! Physics

Category: Education | Version: 1.6.1
Developer: Muggr | Size: 5.69MB | Updated:08-11
A Level Physics is the best mobile app for Physics students. Designed around the GCE A-Level physics examinations, this app is suitable for:
* Junior college physics students (Singapore)
* O-level and secondary school students
* Grade ten, eleven or twelve physics students
* First year university physics students
★ All the physics formulae and key definitions at your fingertips
★ Essential study notes - including advanced derivations and explanations
★ Search for anything quickly
★ Official data and formulae sheet (for A-Level Examinations)
01. Measurement
02. Kinematics
03. Dynamics
04. Forces
05. Work Energy Power
06. Circular Motion
07. Gravitational Field
08. Oscillations
09. Thermal Physics
10. Waves Motion
11. Superposition
12. Electric Fields
13. Current Of Electricity
14. DC Circuits
15. Electromagnetism
16. Electromagnetic Induction
17. Alternating Currents
18. Quantum Physics
19. Lasers and Semiconductors
20. Nuclear Physics
21. Optics
For the Unlocked version, go to: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.muggr.alevelphysicspro

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Aha! PhysicsAha! PhysicsAha! PhysicsAha! PhysicsAha! Physics

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