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Virtual Orbitals 3D Chemistry

Virtual Orbitals 3D Chemistry

Category: Education | Version: 1.5
Developer: Enteriosoft | Size: 21.65MB | Updated:03-14
It is impossible to learn about the shapes of orbitals in a page which is 2D but the orbitals aren't 2D. Virtual Orbitals app helps you to visualize the shapes of the orbitals in 3D such that you can understand more and you can sort out your confusions.
This education app help the students to learn chemistry in a smarter way. Students can see the every parts of orbitals by rotating their fingers to screen.
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Atoms included: Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Boron, Carbon, Oxygen, Neon, Sodium, Silicon, Potassium, Argon, Calcium, Zinc, Iron etc.

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Virtual Orbitals 3D ChemistryVirtual Orbitals 3D ChemistryVirtual Orbitals 3D ChemistryVirtual Orbitals 3D ChemistryVirtual Orbitals 3D Chemistry

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