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Lingvist: Language Learning

Lingvist: Language Learning

Category: Education | Version: 2.6.8
Developer: Lingvist Technologies OÜ | Size: 8.02MB | Updated:04-5
The most effective language learning app for busy people. Learn French, Spanish, German or Russian more quickly. Lingvist uses machine learning to adapt to you based on what you know, to level-up your language learning power with trackable progress. Try it now to boost your language learning power!
▸▸ PRACTICAL Our method is based on the vocabulary most often used in everyday conversations or business situations, with courses built from sentences and phrases found in the real world.
▸▸ INTELLIGENT Our smart algorithm tracks your progress and decides what you should learn next to make the most of your time spent learning.
▸▸ PERSONALIZED The program measures your memory and adapts the learning experience to match your level and capabilities, all in real time.
▸▸ FAST The science behind Lingvist helps you achieve your language learning goals in the shortest possible time.
Lingvist’s founder, nuclear physicist Mait Müntel, was working at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Switzerland. He’d been living in the French-speaking part of the country for years and had been trying to learn the language, but he found learning with conventional methods to be slow and boring. Mait decided to approach language learning like something he knew all too well — a mathematical challenge — and ended up building his own solution for learning French. After studying with his homemade prototype for 200 hours, he put himself to the test and passed a high-school level French exam. Today’s Lingvist is the result of that original idea and its principles. We believe anyone can learn a language, anytime.
Lingvist is optimized for fast language learning and is suitable for any level. For example, Spanish. Beginners can make a quick start with learning the common vocabulary. Intermediate Spanish learners can learn more about grammar and practice their reading and listening skills with content from real-life contexts and high-quality audio. Advanced learners can immerse themselves in the nuances of authentic, spoken Spanish that other language learning methods often don’t include.
Lingvist is an Estonian company founded in 2013. With only 1.3 million inhabitants, Estonians are always looking across their borders to make new connections and speak on average 2-3 foreign languages. Lingvist is a growing team of over 30 dedicated, language-loving people comprised of everyone from seasoned developers formerly from Skype, design and gaming experts, — and of course, a diverse team of language specialists. We’re working hard to build the best language learning app designed to help you learn languages more quickly and more effectively, with better results.
With Lingvist, you can currently study English, French, Spanish, German and Russian.

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Lingvist: Language LearningLingvist: Language LearningLingvist: Language LearningLingvist: Language LearningLingvist: Language Learning

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