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English Bite

Category: Education | Version: 1.1.3
Developer: EF Education First | Size: 7.14MB | Updated:06-1
Just 5 minutes a day. A new phrase every day. "You speak like a native," they'll say.
ENGLISH BITE is a free app which is built for anyone who wants to learn real English. It uses a scientific system to prevent you from forgetting what you learn. You will meet foreigners around the world while you learn.
You will learn real English
ENGLISH BITE contains thousands of phrases and vocabulary of everyday conversation used by native speakers. Unlike what you learn in school, every day you will learn 1 new phrase that you can use in real life.
Repeating is crucial if you really want to learn, but it's also time consuming. ENGLISH BITE makes repeating efficient through a system that gives you a precise schedule based on your specific needs. This system was developed using scientific research on how the brain stores information - how you learn. This research shows that it's only meaningful to repeat what you learn at specific intervals. These intervals are determined by your individual progress.
You will need only 5 minutes a day
Listen, speak and practice every day. After 1 month, you'll know 30 new phrases and notice significant improvement in your listening, reading and speaking skills. You will also expand your vocabulary with many new sophisticated words and expressions.
You will have fun while you learn
ENGLISH BITE is used by people around the world. You'll make new friends during your study, and you can practice what your learn with them to improve your spoken English.
Built by EF Education - the World's Leader in International Education
EF was founded in 1965. To date, EF has 37,000 teachers and employees and over 500 schools around the world; EF has helped over 15 million people to learn a new language, discover the world, or earn an academic degree. With 50 years of experience in teaching, EF has the expertise to help you reaching your English learning goals.
Download ENGLISH BITE now. It's absolutely FREE!
You can make a difference.
Your feedback can help shape the future of ENGLISH BITE. Please send us an email to [email protected] if you have any comments or suggestions.

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