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The Network Handbook

The Network Handbook

Category: Education | Version: 2.04
Developer: Smoothy | Size: 2.56MB | Updated:08-4
The Network Handbook is a brilliant application for any kind of networking engineer. It helps to solve common problems with useful tools, contains powerful and simple collection of networking references, and it can act as your personal tutor!
Application includes:
* IP subnet calculator (VLSM/CIDR)
* IP analyzing tools (IPv4 and IPv6)
* IP route summarization
* IP conversion between different formats (decimal, binary, hexadecimal, octal)
* IPv4 to IPv6 converter
* EUI-64 converter
* IP, MAC and port generators
* Number converters
* Fundamental networking concepts (OSI , TCP, UDP, IP, Network types, Security threats, Speed and data rates, Telnet, SSH, CIDR blocks, Subnet masks blocks, IP Classes)
* Hardware (TP connectors, Fiber optic connectors, Ethernet standards)
* Routing Protocols
* IANA Standards (Domains, Protocol numbers, Services)
* Mobile (Protocols, Generations)
* Software
* IP subnet calculations tutorial (Step-by-step)
* Route summarization tutorial
* Number conversion tutorials
* Prepare for Cisco CCNA or CCNP certification
* And much more...!
What people say about The Network Handbook:
Absolutely brilliant. You couldn't ask for a more detailed collection of network information, straight to the point, very very handy source of info at your fingertips. Excellent, I'd rate 100 stars if I could.
This is so far the most amazing network book i found on the play store. This is a MUST MUST have for any network person.
Extremely useful. This must be the Holy Grail of networking apps, and its free!
Simple and clean. This app has so much information and so many tools that it's hard to give it less than 5 stars. If you're into networking, you have to have this app.
We are constantly working to match and push the level of the industry!
Thank you for being with us! You are the best :)
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The Network HandbookThe Network HandbookThe Network HandbookThe Network HandbookThe Network HandbookThe Network Handbook

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