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Bad Apple!! Live Wallpaper

Bad Apple!! Live Wallpaper

Category: Entertainment | Version: 1.1.2
Developer: lailai | Size: 40.35MB | Updated:04-21
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[Touhou] Bad Apple!! PV the [Shadowgraph]
Tried to live wallpaper for Android.
Niwango video sharing service provided by the Corporation
Project of the East that has been submitted to "Video smile"
Secondary video creations on Characters
It is a thing to live wallpaper.
Neta application is short.
Video, please click here.
Live wallpaper, please see here.
Thank you for reporting operation check.
And those running on the same model According to the report
There seems to be what does not.
You have so much trouble list.
· 003SH
· 007SH
· Xperia
· Xperia arc
· Xperia acro
· IS03
· IS04
· IS05
· IS06
· IS11SH
· Desire
· Desire HD
· Galaxy S
· Galaxy S II
· Galaxy Nexus
· Galaxy Tab
· Nexus S
Do not work
There are reports of both that works for does not work /
· IS12SH
The battery life. Q1 Why violent?
You eat the battery in its own way if it always display the HOME screen A1.. When battery power is reduced, such as power-saving mode operation of the wallpaper display live, so it stops other apps, open the drawer. However, it is likely for live wallpaper is registered as a service, than when you are still in still images and wallpaper consume.
I can not start even after. Install Q2?
This application. A2 is different from the normal application, has become a live wallpaper. As the classification is not in the app, will be treated as the wallpaper that is. Rather than how you start the app, you can launch the feel by setting the wallpaper. (The following is the case if the Xperia. Of other models may be slightly different.) Please refer to how to start it are listed below.
Method 1.
Open the menu from the screen (1) Home
(2) Select [wallpaper]
(3) Select the wallpaper Live]
(4) Select [Bad Apple!! Live Wallpaper] the
(5) Select [Set as Wallpaper]
Method 2.
Long tap on the screen where there is nothing (1) Home
(2) Select [wallpaper]
(3) Select the wallpaper Live]
(4) Select [Bad Apple!! Live Wallpaper] the
(5) Select [Set as Wallpaper]
Can not Q3. Download.
This application is very large. A3 is 37MB. Download and installation will take some time for that. Please try at the stable of radio waves. If you can not download still may have limitations or something stuck in there is a problem with your terminal. Please contact us at the shop of the contract carrier.
Also, though it is sometimes heal you Gonyogonyo the market app, here will not be published because it becomes in the category of self-responsibility. Please be patient.
Heavy Q4.!
Has been changing the image displayed in the manner of flipbook actually earnestly (__) m m sorry A4.. Will this heavier load is quite as large. Might seem to some extent with Kaku 10fps limit and it is like this approach.
You want to install. SD card Q5.
There Uploader version subspecies A5.. Although the installation itself and the built-in memory, making it an SD card image data can be placed. How to Android and PC literate, please download from the following URL. It is recommended that you download from the PC once because the format zip.
[PASS] BadApple
Music. Q6 is not a flow?
Does not flow A6.. There are two reasons for not shed. One is because the speed of the PV shadow that appears in live wallpaper does not match that of the video. Because beyond the scope of wallpaper one another and to go that far. If you want to enjoy music at the same time as the upstream Video Please enjoy.

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Bad Apple!! Live WallpaperBad Apple!! Live Wallpaper

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