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Ukiyo-e Wallpapers

Ukiyo-e Wallpapers

Category: Entertainment | Version: 1.0.1
Developer: | Size: 7.04MB | Updated:09-25
We have compiled a collection of 600 carefully selected Ukiyo-e wallpapers. Only the masterpieces of artists like Hokusai Katsushika, Hiroshige Ando, Sharaku Toshusai have been vividly recreated using exclusive techniques.
Save your favorite wallpapers and set them as your home screen or lock screen with the touch of a button.
Moreover, you can add wallpapers to your favorites folder and browse through them at leisure.
There is a gallery function which generates wallpaper slideshows and displays wallpapers full screen.
Additionally, the app is equipped with a gift function that allows you to share wallpapers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email.
With such a huge number of great looking wallpapers collected in one place, there is certain to be the perfect one for you!
Download this application and get started decorating your smartphone.
Ukiyo-e categories:
* 1780 to 1804
* 1804 to 1868
* 1868 to 1912
* 1915 to 1940s
* Toshusai Sharaku
* Kitagawa Utamaro
* Utagawa Hiroshige
* Utagawa Kunisada
* Utagawa Kuniyoshi
* Katsushika Hokusai
* Fujishima Takeji
* Hashiguchi Goyo
* Asano Takeji
Main functions:
1. Browse pages and save wallpapers
2. List functions for the popular wallpapers
3. Display over 15 wallpaper categories
4. Wallpaper favorites function
5. View a list of wallpaper thumbnails
6. Display wallpapers full screen
7. Wallpaper slideshow function
8. Share wallpapers via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / email
9. Learn about wallpaper updates through push notifications
Wallpaper sizes:
1440 × 2560 pixel (WQHD)
1080 × 1920 pixel (FHD)
720 × 1280 pixel (HD)
480 × 800 pixel (WVGA)
2560 × 1600 pixel (WQXGA)
1200 × 1920 pixel (WUXGA)
Copyright notice:
All the Ukiyo-e pictures are in the public domain. Each Ukiyo-e image has been carefully edited and restored as wallpaper for Android or for a picture book.

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Ukiyo-e WallpapersUkiyo-e WallpapersUkiyo-e WallpapersUkiyo-e WallpapersUkiyo-e Wallpapers

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