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Category: Entertainment | Version: 2.0.1
Developer: Applepie Studio Inc | Size: 9.88MB | Updated:09-25
Have interactive pets at your fingertips!
☆★☆Cute! Fun! Social!☆★☆
By using screen overlay technology, you can have cats, dogs, and more running around your homescreen. Or visit My Room to create a fun space for your pets!
Unlock new pets, items, and rooms by buying/collecting cookies! Visit friends' rooms and leave a message in their Guestbook. Your pet will keep you updated on missed texts, the time, battery level, and more.
- When you download Hellopet you can choose your first cat or dog to adopt immediately
- Adopt new pets by using cookies, getting recommendations, collecting hearts, or participating in Hellopet events.
- Visit Pet Park to see pets available for adoption! (Pets available as of 8/25: Chihuahua, Orange Tabby, Dachshund, Fat Cat, Chameleon, Maltese, Russian Blue, Golden Retriever, Siamese, Tubby HamZzi, Scottish Fold, Boston Terrier, and Turkish Angora).
- Decorate your My Room with a variety of items that your pets can interact with (wallpaper, flooring, furniture, pet supplies, and more with each update!)
- View all your pets at once in My Room.
- Take a picture, save, and share your decorated My Room.
- Visit friends' rooms and leave comments in their Guestbook. Friends can do the same for you!
- Hearts appear above your pets' heads as you play, feed, and tap your pet.
- Get hearts when you decorate My Room, adopt new pets, or interactive with friends
- Collect a certain amount of hearts to get gifts like room items, toys, cookies, etc.
- By using screen overlay technology, play with pets on your smart phone's homescreen.
- Tap your pet and be surprised by their witty and playful response!
- Your pet knows voice commands such as 'paw', 'sit', 'stay', and more!
- Get up to date weather, time, and battery alerts from your pets.
- Watch as your pet's comments change depending on the time of day and your smartphone habits.
- Send messages to Hellopet friends and your pet will briefly visit their homescreen.
- Send a pet's picture with a short message to friends without Hellopet through almost any messenger.
**Join the Hellopet community on Facebook and Twitter for events & more**
*TW: @hellopet_eng

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