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Roll20 for Android

Roll20 for Android

Category: Entertainment | Version: 1.0.3
Developer: The Orr Group, LLC | Size: 12.07MB | Updated:04-1
Roll20 for Android is a free-to-use set of digital tools optimized for pen-and-paper tabletop games. Take advantage of Roll20's powerful "QuantumRoll" dice engine, community-submitted roleplaying character sheets, visual handouts, text chat and more at your physical gaming table, or as a second screen with the online Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.
Roll20 for Android is best used during in-person play. Use it instead of a paper character sheet to go digital. For best results, have the GM use the Roll20 VTT on a laptop or other computer.
Be advised that currently the application must be used in conjunction with a campaign started via the free-to-use Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.
This app is optimized for use on 7-inch and 10-inch Android tablets, not Android phones or other smaller devices.

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Roll20 for AndroidRoll20 for AndroidRoll20 for AndroidRoll20 for Android

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