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Category: Entertainment | Version: 3.16
Developer: Liquid Sky Software, Inc. | Size: 6.93MB | Updated:08-17
LiquidSky lets you run games that would otherwise require high end computer specs right on your tablets and mobile devices. Games are streamed right from the cloud to your device and don't require a computer. Play MMO's, MOBA's and even PC MMOFPS games right on your Android device. Access YOUR game library, and not a limited catalog of games.
Currently, gamers are restricted to playing on their "big rigs." LiquidSky frees gamers from hardware requirements, and enables gamers to be PC gamers, without even owning a "big rig". LiquidSky makes it possible to go mobile, picking up gameplay seamlessly from where you left off. Play the games you own, on the devices you want, when and where you want to. Download the app and play in seconds!
Your games are yours to control. Install mods for your games, and play them how you want to!
With support for OTG (On The Go) USB cable connections, you can use controllers you already own to play your games, or even connect a mouse and keyboard and treat your device like a real computer.
Please note: LiquidSky is still under development in Beta. Beta access is not guaranteed. You may experience bugs or compatibility issues while LiquidSky is in Beta.
Please contact us at [email protected] with any bugs or issues you encounter.

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