Category: Entertainment | Version: 6.0.A.0.6
Developer: Sony Mobile Communications | Size: 12.83MB | Updated:02-15
This is the official Sketch app from Sony.
Release your creativity and create stunning sketches, share them and watch them take on a life of their own. Your friends can add their own effects and fun stickers and pass them on.
When all your friends add their creativity to the mix you'll be surprised. Follow as it evolves and enjoy what you and your friends can create. Sketch is easy, smart and a lot of fun.
The app is designed to work on all Android smartphones and tablets running version 4.2 or later. However, some manufacturers may have set compatibility limitations in their devices resulting in decreased functionality.
- Draw a sketch from scratch with our pencils, markers and magic brushes on a canvas of your choice
- Import pictures and enhance them using stickers
- Browse and download a variety of fun sticker packs and be notified when new ones are available
- Share sketches and invite others to join the fun
- Use layer support to create cool effects
- Use color picker to get the color you want
- Add and format text
- Pan and zoom to edit details in your sketches
Sony asks you to respect personal integrity and not use Sketch in activities where people may be offended.
Get early access to the latest features and help us improve Sketch by signing up for pre-released versions. Please send an email to [email protected], stating what Android devices you are using, to get started.

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