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Paxira - Cycling App (Unreleased)

Paxira - Cycling App (Unreleased)

Category: Health & Fitness | Version: 1.0.0-alpha9.5
Developer: Paxira | Size: 21.23MB | Updated:10-9
Currently on open alpha testing.
Paxira is still a work in progress. We are working hard to build cool features that will make your rides more fun.
To build the best product for you, we need to test out the app in different stages of the development and get your insights. Please let us know if we are on track! :)
The app may be buggy and incomplete now, so the current version may not be for cyclists who are looking for fully built products.
As a personal thank you from us, you will receive free lifetime premium features and exclusive in-app rewards.

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Paxira - Cycling App (Unreleased)Paxira - Cycling App (Unreleased)Paxira - Cycling App (Unreleased)Paxira - Cycling App (Unreleased)Paxira - Cycling App (Unreleased)

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