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Screen Filter

Screen Filter

Category: Health & Fitness | Version: 1.0.3
Developer: healthcare4mobile | Size: 6.28MB | Updated:03-16
Use our app to filter blue light for your smartphone or tablet! Blue light rays pass through the eye, and can cause serious damage if the eye is exposed to them for long periods of time.
Applying this screen filter allows to easily adjust your screen color to reduce the damaging light. It is especially good for night mode reading.
* Protects your eyes and helps to achieve better eye health
* Helps in eye relaxation, strain and fatigue removal
* Allows to fall asleep easily
* Prevents/reduces dark circles around eyes
* Allows to achieve eBook Reader equivalent read modes
* Saves your phone battery by avoiding battery-draining bright screens
Our blue light filtering app also comes with
* Natural colors that do not tire your eyes
* Adjustable scheduling
Install our app today and safeguard your sleep and eye health.
Tips on using the app
* If you want to make a screenshot, turn off the filter first, otherwise it will apply to the captured screen.
* Don't run the screen filter application together with other similar apps, as they may hinder each other's performance.

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