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Wear Fitness Personal Trainer

Wear Fitness Personal Trainer

Category: Health & Fitness | Version: 1.5.2
Developer: Vimo Labs | Size: 5.66MB | Updated:05-23
VimoFit is the only app that automatically identifies exercises, counts your repetitions, and tracks calories burned.
And because VimoFit knows exactly what exercises you're performing, it is more accurate at calculating calories burned during strength training than heart rates monitors or pedometers (step counters).
Now integrated with Google Fit.
**** Vimo mode now in public beta. As this is cutting edge technology, bugs are inevitable. Please email us to report problems, so that we can improve your user experience. ****
Vimo Mode is perfect for those who are already following a workout routine, whether it's for Crossfit, Bodybuilding, weight loss, or anything in between. Just start VimoFit on your watch and go!
Guided Mode is just like having your own personal trainer. We analyze your fitness level and goals to create personalized workout routines just for you.
A winning combination of exercise routines from the world famous YouTube personal trainer, Coach Kozak, and our revolutionary motion tracking technology deliver results never thought possible.
It works great with just your mobile phone, but if you have an AndroidTM Wear watch then it transforms into the only Android Wear fitness app that actually tracks your exercises and counts your reps for you.
VimoFit for Android Wear Fitness Features:
- Fitness tracker counts your repetitions automatically using the watch's motion sensors.
- Create a quick exercise routine based on your fitness level.
- Create customized workout routines for weight loss, strength, cardio, muscle building, and more.
- Create complete customized fitness program designed by a personal trainer based on your fitness level, goals, work out duration, and frequency of training.
- Work out routines designed by celebrity personal trainer, Coach Kozak, have been used by millions to achieve unbelievable results.
- The benefits of working with a personal trainer with the flexibility of home workouts all on your wrist.
- Video demonstrations of personal trainer accompany each exercise routine.
- Fit test to make sure the workout routines are just right for your fitness level.
- A database of 130 home exercises.
- Real time exercise tracking counts each repetition for you and allows you to focus on form.
- Track your progress and feel the results.
- Guides you through the entire fitness routine
- Quick and effective workouts.
- Fully integrated with the brand new Android Wear fitness technology.
- Watch timer instructs you how long to perform each exercise and how long to rest.
- Workout without an Android Wear watch by using your phone.
- Log of all exercise routines completed.
- Verbal cues from personal trainer to ensure proper form.
- Integration with Google Fit, store session and calories data in Google Fit (first need to connect to Google Fit in Profile)
Future Features:
- Create a fitness routine by body part, e.g., ab workouts, arm workouts, butt workouts, chest
We appreciate your feedbacks. If you see a problem or have a suggestion, please do not just leave a negative rating (yes 4* is a bad rating, we have a high standard :-)), because we have no idea why. Tell us the problem so that we can improve the product. Better yet, email us directly at [email protected] Like other reviews have mentioned, we provide a speedy support, we typically respond within 30 minutes.

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Wear Fitness Personal TrainerWear Fitness Personal TrainerWear Fitness Personal TrainerWear Fitness Personal Trainer

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