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Progression - Fitness tracker

Progression - Fitness tracker

Category: Health & Fitness | Version: 3
Developer: Zoltan Demant | Size: 7.66MB | Updated:01-27
Progression was created with a strong vision to revolutionize and change the way people view fitness, now and forever. By offering you an app that shines in it's design, fills you with delight by it's intuitive features, and keeps track of your fitness for you.
Regardless if you're a regular gym goer or not, Progression is the app for you. With many built in training programs, the road is laid out for you in the right direction, all you have to do is walk it. Easily jot down your workout sessions and get access to statistics that show you how awesome you are! When you feel courageous enough you can start creating your own programs, pick from over 300 built in exercises, anything in between a regular Bench Press and Planks, you name it.
List of functions and delights that Progression offers:
- Workout now function that gets you up and going in no more than a second.
- Over 300 built in exercises with handwritten instructions (Pictures are on their way)
- Many of the most popular training programs built in for you.
- Create as many programs and custom exercises as you like.
- View graphs and statistics for all exercises you've been using (Pro feature)
- Get a superb view of all your sessions with a given exercise. (Pro feature)
- Quick access to a summary of your current and all earlier workouts, just swipe up while working out and voila!
- Data backup and sync with the help of Dropbox.
- Drag handle which allows you to type in weights without actually typing! Just slide it up/down to increase/decrease the value.
- Powerful stopwatch and rest timer to keep track of your time for you. Regardless if it's counting up or down.
- One of a kind commentary system which allows you to not only drop notes for each set you complete, but also mark them as Warmup, Failure, and many more.
- Find what you're looking, quickly. Looking through a list of over 300 exercises can be tough, that's why you can search and filter the exercises by muscle and/or equipment.
- Sort the exercises, alphabetically, by muscles, equipment or simply by how often you use them. Get access to your favorites without any hassle.
- Swipe your way. Your workout is laid out as a book with each exercise on a new page, making it super simple to edit, re-arrange or just go with the flow while working out!
- All muscle groups are color coded in the app to make it even easier to find what you're looking for. Back is indigo blue, Legs purple, you get it!
- Automatic input of your last sessions' set. Regardless if it's your current or last workouts' set, it's the best on available and it's up to you to beat it!
- Full screen and silent mode while working out. Distractions? Note today son.
- But most importantly, the app is a work in progress, just like you. You can expect new features as we go along on this journey together, up until the dinosaurs return, and I've heard that's not going to happen anytime soon.
Read this far? Kudos to you! The app also has a homepage which you can delve into if you're interested to read more about what it can offer you and your fitness life.
Ready? Here we go! You can contact me anytime with questions, feedback or anything fitness related at [email protected]

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Progression - Fitness trackerProgression - Fitness trackerProgression - Fitness trackerProgression - Fitness tracker

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