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Pyrope Browser

Pyrope Browser

Category: Internet | Version: 42.0.2311.3885
Developer: Ninnix | Size: 37.38MB | Updated:09-26
This browser is based on Cyanogenmod browser (Gello) and Chromium / swe. A fast, smooth and safe web surfing experience on your Android device. If your phone has a Qualcomm(r) SnapdragonTM processor, performance can potentially be increased by 10% - 40%, which makes it even faster than most other browser
If you used to have "Gello" or "Gello mod" running on your device you have to delete those apps data and uninstall them before installing Pyrope. If you don't there might occur critical errors with Pyrope.
* Web Refiner - Filters advertisments for a cleaner and faster browsing experience
* Incognito mode - Search in private with incognito mode, Pyrope will not record your history and cookies
* Power saving mode - Improve battery life by restricting performance and certain functions
* Night mode - inverted colors to rest your eyes
* Immersive mode - make the browser fullscreen
* Background audio - Video content can continue playing audio even when the browser is not active in foreground
* Edge navigation - Navigate webpages by right swiping the left edge to go forward, left swiping the right edge to go back
* LookLock - (prevent all the other apps to see / read the webview content)
* Dynamic notification bar - Status bar and navigation bar colour basing on the icon of the website you're visiting, providing a stunning visual experience.
* Advanced WebPage sharing (Share page screenshot and link instead of link only)
* Save webpages for offline reading
* Supports Android 5.0 and above
Optimized for Qualcomm(r) SnapdragonTM - Pyrope works on other devices which don't have a SnapdragonTM chip (Web Refiner Module not included).
Source of the original Gello browser:

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Pyrope BrowserPyrope BrowserPyrope BrowserPyrope BrowserPyrope BrowserPyrope BrowserPyrope BrowserPyrope Browser

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