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Surfio - Mobile Browser

Surfio - Mobile Browser

Category: Internet | Version: 1.0
Developer: Surfio | Size: 34MB | Updated:01-24
Our features:
✔ Adblock
✔ Incognito mode
✔ Personalized search
✔ Lightning fast downloads
✔ Intuitive UI and easy navigation
★ Wavetech - AdBlock
Surf the web without disturbances. Wavetech operates similar to Adblock, eliminating the content that gets in the way of your browsing to deliver a pure experience.
★ Incognito mode
Incognito browsing mode protects your privacy, dodging data-grabbing scripts and leaving behind no cookies or history. Surf with security.
★ Personalized search
Access all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. and switch between them with ease. Surfio makes your search tools versatile on Android phones and tablets. Its app recommendation engine provides you a wide variety of apps relevant to your interests.
★ Lightning fast downloads
Any sophisticated mobile content is always one tap away from you with Surfio. HTML5, videos, music - it all streams seamlessly thanks to our data-saving solutions.
★ Intuitive UI and easy navigation
Minimalist, customizable homescreen declutters your working space and reduces the app's load on your device. Personalize the interface as you see fit, while reaping all the benefits of a lightweight browser.

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Surfio - Mobile BrowserSurfio - Mobile BrowserSurfio - Mobile BrowserSurfio - Mobile Browser

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