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Spice - Sexual Fantasies

Spice - Sexual Fantasies

Category: Lifestyle | Version: 1.0.3
Developer: PJP Develop | Size: 5.82MB | Updated:03-22
Spice helps couples discover their common sexual fantasies without all the awkwardness and embarrassment. It's pretty easy:
* Each participant answers a tailored set of questions about how they feel about certain practices.
* The app then calculates the matching desires and presents lists containing only the activities that at least one of you is willing to try.
* Your partner will never know your secret desires unless he/she also wants or is willing to take part in them and vice-versa.
* Around 400 questions for all genders and orientations. From vanilla to BDSM and other kinky practices.
* The Carousel intelligently asks about what is relevant to you based on your preferences. Answer up to 60 questions each day.
* Browse and manage all your previous answers, grouped by whether you want, are willing or do not want to do what they describe. Changed your mind? Edit or delete them anytime.
* Calculate your match with your significant other and discover what each of you wants to try or enjoys in bed.
* Anonymous: no e-mail or social networks needed. Your user is local and the data does not leave your device.
* Password-protected so no one can snoop around.
* Answer an unlimited number of new questions per day.
* Unlock all the 650 questions and browse the entire list, including the ones you haven't answered yet, by category.
* No ads.
Wondering if your lover is curious about bondage or secretly desires a threesome? Spice makes it easier than ever! Try it now and ignite your passion.
* You must be over 18 years old to use this.
* This is an offline app and currently there is no synchronization between devices. This means both elements of the couple have to create a user in the same phone/tablet.
* Check the About section in the app for the attributions and licenses.

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Spice - Sexual FantasiesSpice - Sexual FantasiesSpice - Sexual FantasiesSpice - Sexual FantasiesSpice - Sexual Fantasies

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