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Dayri - Q&A Diary

Dayri - Q&A Diary

Category: Lifestyle | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Ridho Hadi Satrio | Size: 32.18MB | Updated:07-3
Dayri is a (cool) new app that helps you capture and relive the memories of your everyday lives.
Your memories - effortlessly beautified
‣ Dayri emphasize on the easiness of capturing and reliving memories. Each entry you write will be compiled together to form a beautiful yet concise and easy-to-read pages based on calendar days. All without your intervention.
Just focus on writing; Dayri will always find a topic for you
‣ Never run out of things to write - not with dozens of writing prompts available at your disposal on a click of a button. Just focus on writing, leave the rest to Dayri.
Relive more than just words
‣ Some memories demand more than just words - and Dayri know that. That's why you will have an option to attach photos alongside each entry you write.
A journal that adapts to your memories
‣ Dayri will adapt itself to you by filling each page with colors taken straight from your memories. Making each page you turn a unique yet somehow familiar experience.
Never lose a moment to write
‣ Each one of your days count. Upon requested, Dayri is capable to remind you to write down your memories of the day at a time you desire. Making sure you will always be able to relive today, tomorrow.
Protect your memories - have a backup (or two)
‣ Nobody likes to have their memories lost. That's why Dayri allows you to make backup to yours. The backup file will always be available for you to copy and move around between devices. It's your memories, so Dayri put you in control.

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Dayri - Q&A DiaryDayri - Q&A DiaryDayri - Q&A DiaryDayri - Q&A Diary

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