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Category: Lifestyle | Version: 1.0.81
Developer: Elixsr Ltd | Size: 4.33MB | Updated:08-9
Somnio is a fully featured, simple and intuitive dream log that lets you easily log dreams, sort them into categories and store them securely in the cloud so you never forget a dream again.
* Cloud:
Never forget a dream again, just easily sign in with your Google Account and we'll take care of the rest.
* Intuitive:
Easily and quickly log dreams with a slick design adhering to Google's best practices, and view each dream in beautiful fullscreen.
* Tags:
Easily log and sort your dreams into categories such as theme, emotion or location.
* Calender View:
Get an overview of all your dreams using the handy calendar and search your timeline with just a tap.
* Hashtags:
Add searchable hashtags within dreams to emphasise recurring topics or subjects.
* Search:
Easily find similar or specific dreams using search.
* Export:
Get a copy of all your dreams easily using the export function.
Like a dream...
Somnio aims to assist your dream recall and in turn helps to achieve that coveted lucid dreaming potential. This app is designed to get out of your way, we've made a point to limit the bloated features found in other applications that weigh down your recall ability.
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